What We Do

At WorK Architecture + Design we approach each project with an energetic spirit + the drive to positively affect everything we touch.
We believe that no two projects are the same. By building a holistic strategy and approaching each challenge with fresh design-thinking, we reveal the unique + independent spirit of each project. We view the constraints and challenges of a situation as new opportunities to create impressive results.


Our practice upholds the unique spirit of each project, creating environments that function and inspire.

With our collaborative approach, we make being a part of the creative process a fun experience for our clients. We whole-heartedly encourage synergistic involvement in all aspects of the design, from concept to construct. We feel strongly that mindfulness of the local community is pivotal to the success of our work. Using these strategies, we deliver high quality aesthetic and functional design within a sophisticated weave of client needs and regulations that uphold local context. We have a focused understanding of current technology, methodology, and materials, which are applied locally and nationally. We are proud to offer a finished product that minimally impacts our environment while maximizing the lifespan of quality aesthetics and function. This is an area where function and artistry collide, and we relish the opportunity to breathe new life into inspiring spaces.

Who We Are

WorK Architecture + Design was founded in 2012 by Mitchell Kersting + Tyler Watkins with the goal of delivering innovative + dynamic design solutions that exceed expectations. Today the Partners at WorK Architecture + Design have extended their outreach to include National Clients, Consultants, and Partners and continue to pursue a philosophy of creating designs that function + inspire.

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                            WorK Architecture + Design is a comprehensive Architecture + Interior design firm.

                            Regardless of scale, WorK A+D approaches each project with strong technical knowledge and a passionate attention to detail. Our company establishes a personal investment in each design and carefully maintains quality craftsmanship precisely within any budget. We actively pursue proficient functionality and aesthetic elegance exhibited by the use of appropriately innovative materials and technologies.

                            Interior Design

                            We begin by listening to the client’s needs and use that conversation for the framework of the interior design process. We provide renderings, animated walk-throughs, material boards, and even mock-ups to ensure the quality and selection meets everyone’s expectations. We are credited with having a keen attention to detail and distinguished technical understanding for all elements involved in the design. We maintain industry knowledge of current and classic style trends which allow us have ready access to finishes and furnishings that are inline with the client’s needs, taste, and budget. Like our clients, every interior is unique, and we approach each project with the same elevated level of excitement and enthusiasm.

                            Historic Preservation

                            We have a great appreciation for historic architecture or any scale or period. From NPS required original historic preservation to adaptive reuse and salvage, we strive to preserve, conserve, and renovate with sensitivity, respect, and grace. Every building and structure has a story and with that, its own set of challenges, and we advance carefully through the preservation program, be it Local neighborhood Overlays or Federal Tax Credit standards to ensure that the existing structure is honored and protected.

                            Our process is a comprehensive approach, beginning with existing conditions research and evaluation to determine the original design, state of conditions, and scope of work. From there we begin extensive planning to ensure that the historic value of the building will be preserved and celebrated. Our main goal is to balance respectful design with technologically innovative solutions to offer the most effective and appropriate solutions.

                            Furniture Design

                            Furniture design has always been a passion of WorK A+D. We believe that well-thought design should be incorporated into all scales of the built environment. We offer full facilities for exploring, testing and developing products, and furniture. Our facilities include rapid prototyping equipment, 3D modeling programming and visualization along with a full working wood shop. Our services combine hand-crafted and digital manufacturing to optimize the product or furniture piece. We find that these services become a valuable resource to our clients whether providing scaled built models of their projects or in working from the idea conception to a working prototype and ultimately, a finished piece.

                            Drone Services (UAV Services)

                            Drone Services, also known as Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) Services are a new approach to collecting ariel imagery and measurements.  Our company is proficient in providing excellent imagery for our clients.  We enable our clients to view the best and practical use for their construction site.

                            Strategy / Consulting

                            STRATEGY: At the onset of every project we establish a comprehensive approach to business alignment with the Architecture and Design aspects of the project. This includes but is not limited to design validation and brand integration to create a cohesive and successful project in terms of Design and Business Development.

                            CONSULTING: We offer our expertise in consulting services for the following; Historic Preservation, Adaptive Re-use, preliminary and post occupancy User Group Analysis, complete Life-Safety Documentation and Analysis, Work-Flow Analysis and Space-Planning, and general Facility Assessment. We also offer LEAN Architecture expertise for the architectural process and similar methodologies.

                            Geospatial Solutions

                            Mapping: Accurate visual mapping, custom cartographic products, interactive web mapping applications, smartphone mapping applications.

                            In-field Data Collection: Asset inventory, property inventory, existing conditions documentation.

                            Videography and Photography:

                            • UAV: Aerial Drone photography and video.
                            • Time-lapse videography
                            • Geo-referenced Spherical Panoramic Photography

                            Real-estate advisory: 

                            • User needs assessment
                            • Site suitability analysis
                            • Environmental analysis
                            • Geopolitical and community analysis
                            • Geographic network analysis (drive time analysis, best routing, logistics)
                            • Proximity and Adjacency determination.
                            • Criteria based site selection.

                            Urban and Regional Planning: 

                            • Policy, strategies and proposals: integrating economic and spatial development

                            Master Planning: 

                            • Land use planning and Zonal Regulations
                            • Integrating land use planning with socio-economic geographies
                            • Transportation and environment concerns

                            Planning tools: 

                            • Land pooling
                            • Transfer of Development Rights
                            • Heritage Conservation
                            • Transfer of Development Rights
                            Sustainable Design

                            We are committed to offering the most efficient and productive solution to any design challenge. A perfect balance of active and passive sustainable strategies are not just a tool we keep in our shed. They are a moral principle deeply ingrained in the programmatic character of our business. Our implementation of environmentally conscious architecture will offer a project the chance to function and flourish at its best.


                            Our experience in Master Planning, Urban Planning, and Facility Assessment is extensive, varying from Residential Compounds to large scale Healthcare Campus, City Planning, and Public Parks. We believe these studies and evaluations are essential to any project by providing, thorough documentation and studies, the clarity, efficiency, and framework needed to maximize the success of a project.

                            Let's WORK together